Good parents are the blessing kids need most

In my business as a New York City face painter, I see thousands of kids and lots of amazing parents.

This Thanksgiving I’m reminded that parents are the very best blessing and something we all as a society should be so grateful for.

I love when parents get painted with their kids like this super fun mom who joined the fun with her kids.  

Hope your Thanksgiving includes lots of family, fun, crafts, and photos.  Here’s a fun craft I I found on Pinterest from How to Homeschool My Child for making your own photo booth props.

My hope is that each person reading this has an opportunity this week to spend time with friends and family build memories.  Eat lots of food, take lots of pictures and think about values that build strong families.  This year more that ever we need that.  Here’s a great dad that got it right!

Amazing Dad Motivates Daughter

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